2 Blondes and a Ginger

2 Blondes and a Ginger

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Go to sleep little baby

We decided to have one of the 3d/4d ultrasounds last week to get a glimpse of what our little baby is going to look like. Apparently Graham wasn't cooperating with the ultrasound tech, so the pictures aren't as clear as we had hoped. Regardless, it was still amazing to get a quick look at little Graham. Most of the time Graham won't stop moving during an ultrasound, but this time he just wanted to sleep! We kept trying to shake him to get him to move, but the little stinker wouldn't budge. For some reason Jeff thinks I am the cruelest mother when I shake Graham to get him to move. He is convinced that Graham will have shaking baby syndrome. I think I finally proved to Jeff that our baby is extremenly safe and secure right now and that even the ultrasound techs poke, prod, and shake the babies to try to move them around. Maybe Jeff has just been watching too many House episodes these days! So here's our little baby, and he has just a couple more months to grow! Right now, he looks like he has a beard, so I'm hoping that he gets around to shaving that before I see him. In the video, it looks like he has teeth....and I am really hoping that's not the case either. I've been planning on giving birth to an infant and not a hormone raging, beard growing, teeth bearing adolescent.


natalie vaughan said...

he will be a hormone raging, beard growing, teeth bearing teenager in the blink of an eye, but you will be a wonderful mom!!!! enjoy!!! you really are an amazing writer---you make me smile!!! i love you!!

Lydia said...

hahah! that is so cute! james always got on me for shaking our little baby too!!! boys just don't understand, i guess. but that's what happened to us too when we had our 4D...the technician was poking my belly like crazy and she hardly budged! i even realized that when i laugh (since i laugh with my stomach), she moves around evertime!! so, either it makes her seasick or she's going to be great on boats and bumpy car rides!