2 Blondes and a Ginger

2 Blondes and a Ginger

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Death of Johnny Jump Up

"Those things are so archaic. Your baby could die in one of those, you know." Well, maybe no one said those EXACT words, but I heard some bad things about Johnny Jump Ups. I didn't even think they were still being sold in stores.

But I didn't care, and I thought they looked like fun, so when Graham was about 6 months old, I bought one at a consignment sale. He loved it, and Lucy loved it too...until that one dreadful day.

Lucy was having a blast jumping in her Johnny Jump up while I was working in the kitchen. Laughing, squealing, and then POP. I turned my head around to see my sweet daughter flying backwards and watch her head hit the hardwood floors. It was like I was was watching a bungee jump gone awry. It all seemed to happen in slow motion. The vertical belt on the Johnny Jump Up completely split into two pieces, sending Lucy into the air. I ran and scooped her up. She stopped crying within a few seconds. More scared than anything.

And so our Johnny Jump Up died that day. I'm not too sure I will buy another one. At least I know to never buy one from a consignment sale. I think the person that had it before me probably had an baby that came out weighing 20 pounds.:) You just never know these days who has been jumping in your Johnny Jump Up. I'm thinking that you need to be able to get a BabyFax report when you buy used baby items. You know, like a CarFax report. They need to give you the height, weight, and cleanliness of the baby who used the product before you buy something like that. Cause you just never know...now do you?


Behn and Meg said...

Oh no! My mom JUST bought a Johnny Jump Up at a consignment store for our little boy. It looks like it's in good shape, but I can tell it's old from the 90's clothed-baby on the box. Hmmmm, maybe I should re-consider...

Glad Lucy is ok!

Jen said...

It's probably fine. I just couldn't tell that ours was so worn out because the belt was weak right where the plastic piece covers it and rubs up against it. Just check it out there!