2 Blondes and a Ginger

2 Blondes and a Ginger

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Safe Place

I sat down to right a post about something cute that Graham said, but I think I'll save it for another day. I can't get these storms out of my mind. I think about family who barely escaped death in Tuscaloosa, I think about videos of the most ominous looking tornado I've ever seen, I think about me pacing the hall in the early morning debating on whether we should wake the kids up and get to our "safe place."

Two years ago a tornado struck about a mile away from us and it killed a young mother and her baby who was only a few weeks younger than Graham. I've been a little more terrified of tornadoes since then. On that Good Friday, I saw the tornado on TV and heard the news anchors calling out street names near my home. I sat in our "safe place" with my two month old son scared for our lives.

There's a part of me that wants to move where tornadoes don't exist or build a storm shelter or do something completely radical. I want a really safe place. And then I'm reminded that if the Lord wills that I no longer live, I will die and if the Lord wills that I will live, I will live. No storm shelter can alter God's will for me and my family. It's terrifying and yet at the same time completely comforting. My "safe place" is in Jesus and Jesus alone.

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