2 Blondes and a Ginger

2 Blondes and a Ginger

Sunday, February 6, 2011


"Aw!" "Almost!" "Fall in Water!" "Splash!" "I did it!"
I bet you're a little confused right now, but these are all things that Graham said last night as we watched Wipeout. The kid loves that show. Who would have thought? I looked at him with a smile thinking about all the times I had gotten frustrated with him throughout the day. Wanting affirmation that everything was okay, I reached over, grabbed his hand, and said, "I love you Graham." He simply retracted his hand and said, "Space."

And of course I knew exactly what he meant. When he follows me into the bathroom I say, "Graham, I need some space." I wasn't sure he completely understood me. But I'm now convinced he has a pretty good handle on what "space" means. Okay Graham, I'll give you some "space." Just don't turn into a teenager too quickly, you hear?

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